Lush Make Up Review!

I guess my blog must be doing bits now because I have been blessed. I was sent a box of goodies by the one and only Lush! Just because they sent me a box of free stuff, doesn’t mean my opinion is going to be completely positive, bordering on rear licking. If I see a problem, I’m going to call it out but if I like the product them I’m going to say so – I have a full time job so I can buy my own sh**, ya hear? Anyway! some of you may already know about these products via my instagram story video where you finally got to hear the awful thing that comes out of my mouth – my voice 🥴. You were really nice about it though and although your compliments are obviously lies, I will try to do more videos in the future. I did get a couple of skincare bits in this box which I’ve been trying out too, but to make it easier, i’m only going to discuss make up in this post. *All of their make up is vegan.

The thing I was most excited about getting was the new vegan lipsticks, both for their amazing minimal packaging and also their insanely good shade range. You can buy their lipsticks in their tubes (which was good for me as I don’t own any lipsticks!) or you can buy them *naked*. The naked refill’s are covered in a wax that you peel off and then slot the actual lipstick part in an old empty tube. Their lipsticks smell really good – maybe not a necessity but it was pleasant putting something on my face that didn’t smell too artificial/chemically. Their website shows the full extent of their shade range and how it looks on different tones which is very important! A blue red will look different on someone pale, someone tan, and someone dark skinned. Lots of people want to have a good idea what the shades will look like on their own skin tone and Lush came through! They didn’t stop there though, because the shades are not just white people friendly, they also made sure that there were nudes designed for darker skin tones and reds that flattered them too. Even as a light-skin brown person, I have struggled with finding the right shade of red and never even bothered with finding a wearable nude that didn’t make it look like i’d smeared chalk or dirt on my face. I have adored every single shade Lush gifted me, and i’ve been wearing one of the nudes every single day!

Whilst we’re on the topic, let’s start with the lipsticks!. All of the them go on like a dream, and don’t flake at all (something i’ve had a problem with in the past – and excuse me it’s not cos my lips are dry so don’t start with that!). They’re creamy and shiny but dry down semi matte without drying your skin. The reason why they’re so hydrating is because of the Candelilla wax and Jojoba oil in them (my fav!). They also contain BROCCOLI! yes I know, it’s weird but I’m here for some vegetable power. The broccoli seeds are cold pressed to produce an oil to keep those lips MOIST af, meaning you don’t have to over do the lip balm before hand. One of the nudes Lush sent me was “Riga“; a “demi-matte medium light nude”. It gives a nice fresh neutral colour on my lips without being too in your face. This is the one I’ve been wearing everyday because it goes with my every day minimal make up.

Shade: Riga

The other shades Lush sent me were Los Angeles & Madrid – both satin reds with Los Angeles having brown undertones and Madrid orange. They both suit me so well and that is not something I was expecting – I wore Los Angeles at Christmas and it stayed on even after three platefuls of jerk jackfruit and potatoes – we stan a resilient lipstick. It’s very bright – as most reds should be – and all can see this paring really well if my skin in the summer. It may be Los Angeles but I feel like a bad bitch flamenco dancer.

Shade: Los Angeles.

Shade: Madrid.

Madrid is slightly more pink – I’m not 100% sure I managed to capture that well in the photo but it definitely is in the flesh. This made me feel really cute and I imagine this one would be good as a day time red.

I also got Kish; it’s a yummy, spicy mahogany nude that was made for darker tones. I wore this out for the first time last night and I felt like that BITCH! Its a very foxy shade and if you have tan/dark skin then buy this shade!!! I was never a lipstick person; I thought I was whack at applying it, maintaining it etc but it felt so easy with these and it’s encouraged me to play with colour a little bit more. I can’t wait to get my hands on some more.

Shade: Kish.

Madrid, Los Angeles, Kish, Riga.

The second product I got sent was concealers or “Trix Stixs” I got two shades that I have been using for different things. One is a neutral shade and the other has cooler undertones – their shade range for these are also pretty impressive but I would like to see them expand it a bit more! I’ve really enjoyed using them and I may pick up a couple more to use for bronzing! They also come with minimal packaging, although i’ve found storage and transport with them a little tricky. At first I thought they were a little messy but after some practice, I realised I didn’t need to be as handsy with them as I thought. They apply really easily due to the nourishing and moisturising ingredients; they feel creamy and gentle on the skin, and almost feel like you’re applying skincare instead of make up. The shade match was also perfect. I tend to use the neutral shade for balancing out my skin tone when I feel it’s uneven (I don’t currently wear foundation – only a water based skin tint), and I use the coolery one for undereye brightening. I either blend them out with a beauty blender or my fingers and I’ve found that works great for me. I imagine they’d do well with a brush too. I will admit that they do need blending quite well, as i’ve noticed if I don’t blend properly, I get a settlement in the creases of my eye or a random patch over a blemish – just pay attention when applying and it shouldn’t be a problem. The durability of the trix stix are quite impressive, lasting me almost all the working day (applied at 8am, starting to wear off around 5-6pm after sweating, often with no primer or powder applied prior) which doesn’t bother me as I go home straight after and don’t need to re-apply. It may be a different story if you’re used to going out later in the day! I would like a better storage option, as they currently come in little brown boxes that actually caused one of my stix to break in two! I know it’s supposed to be minimal packaging but I could’ve done with something more substantial here.

10C & 14N concealer shades.

The last make up items I got sent were the highlighter sticks – I was really excited about these because I detest powder highlighters as they don’t give me the dewy look I go for. Lush’s highlighters are called Glow Sticks, and they have a wonderful eclectic selection of shades for everyday wear as well as more bold and daring looks. Just before christmas time, I was glad to receive the shade Goldfinch – it made me look so glowy and christmassy, it was like applying liquid gold to my face. I think this shade is gonna be beautiful for darker skin tones. I wouldn’t wear this one daily as I found it a little too glittery for the day time (for me) but it’s my go to for night time looks. The other shade was Linnet which luckily is suitable for every day use (I mean any of them are if you’re daring enough, don’t mind me!). It’s warm and peachy, subtle yet bold? I’ve been wearing the heck out of this one and I am LIVING; (I’m wearing Linnet in every photo). I want to grab some other shades to experiment with too. I was a little nervous about the coconut oil ingredient, as it’s a known comedogenic but so far no blocked pores, no break outs – I’ll let you know if this changes. (The breakout on my skin in the picture is from before and not make up related sadly 😭).

Shade: Linnet.

Shade: Goldfinch

Linnet, Goldfinch.

Overall, I am really impressed with the quality of the products as well as the minimal packaging, bar the question mark over the storage and transport of the trix stix. Their prices are really alluring too and I’m glad vegan make up is becoming more obtainable and popular. Lush skincare products have been part of my skincare routine for a while and when I found out they were extending their make up line I didn’t know what to expect, but they’re definitely a staple for my make up bag too. It’s also nice to see a shorter ingredient list for make up items which makes it easier to know what you’re putting onto your skin. I’m really excited about this range, and I hope to see it expand even further!

I hope you enjoyed my review; let me know if you’ve tried any of their products and what you thought too – especially if you’ve tried a different shade cos I WANNA TRY THEM ALL!

Until next time,

Demi – Colleen x