“When In Germany, Do German Tings…” πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ🌱

Germany was the second country I managed to visit this year; I’ve been so busy with work, and generally trying to stay alive in this terrible world and I wish I travelled more, but it is what it is. Berlin, Germany was a lot more vegan friendly than Greece – I was quite literally spoiled for choice. I was there for 4 days, and although it was almost enough time to do the touristy things I had lined up on my itinerary, I feel like I barely made a dent in the list of vegan places to check out – some were recommended to me by my lovely followers on Instagram, and some I just came across using the Happy Cow app (download it!) and walking around.

Lia’s Kitchen – 100% Vegan

We had just arrived at our hotel, we were hungry and tired after being up since 3am and we wanted quick food and we wanted it now. A quick train ride from Landsberger Allee and we found ourselves in front of the kind of so tiny you’ll miss it restaurant that is Lia’s kitchen. We ordered the Chicken Cheeseburger, which was made from seitan, it also included vegan feta (where can I find this in the UK?!), marinated roast peppers, rocket, mayo and chilli sauce plus a side of fries. It was a pretty decently sized portion that filled a hole, the vegan feta was fascinating and a delicious addition to this burger. The seitan pieces were just right and went really well with the seeded bun that reminded me of Β brioche. Two plates of these and a couple of cola’s was about €24-26 which is a little bit more than I’d like to pay for a burger, but for the first meal and a decent vegan burger generally – it was definitely worth it.


After a day of sightseeing and a really big lunch, we wanted to grab something quick before our travel ticket ran out (one of the options in Berlin, is that you buy a ticket for a two-hour window to make your journey, when time is up it becomes invalid. On the first day we managed to forget to get them time stamped and a ticket inspector came on the U-Bahn train we were on, I actually felt sick but managed to leg it before getting caught). Some people on Instagram mentioned Dolores*, a burrito place that had vegan options. It was cheap, cheerful and very very busy. It was a nice gap filler but nothing to rave about, I’ve made nicer more exciting burritos at home. I do wish I got the burrito bowl instead of the wrap though, but I wasn’t too fussed in the end. The portion size was actually pretty decently sized, and for once I couldn’t finish mine; although for the sake of not feeling defeated by food I’m blaming fatigue!

Curry At The Wall

These pictures are the perfect example of knowing your own angles and then your boyfriend taking a pic where you look like the moon.

If you go to Berlin and don’t eat Currywurst then to be honest, why did you even go? You don’t have to miss out on German sausage goodness just because you’re vegan, there are many places offering vegan currywurst, and I tried my first at Curry On The Wall. It’s a little vendor right across the road from The Topography of Terror and a 5 minute walk from Checkpoint Charlie. It was raining pretty heavily when we went so it was nice to grab something hot to warm us up. The portion was a little disappointing, as I can take quite a decent sized sausage – but beggars can’t be choosers and I wanted some currywurst pronto. I’ve had real currywurst before, and it was a pretty good replica but could’ve done with being a more realistic meat replica. Their mustard was everything though! Definitely worth checking out if you’re nearby.

1990 – Vegan Living

This was one of two highlights of our trip to Berlin. This was a last minute plan after realising we didn’t want any more burgers or sausages. This restaurant is exactly what I love about vegan food, the fact that it doesn’t always have to be meat substitutes and sometimes tofu, veg and good quality seasoning is all you need. The only bad thing I have to say about this meal, is that i wish there was more. I wish I ordered double the amount of bowls and a main each. I was dubious after a string of negative reviews on Happy Cow but I can’t relate. It was hot, fresh and tasty. Konrad and I have already decided that the next time we’re in Berlin, we’re making a bee line for this place! We had Green Curry, the tempura seaweed balls, Goi Cuon, Fried dumplings and the Buddha Bowl. I would recommend any of these dishes but generally don’t be stingy and try every single dish if you can! It’s also in a really cool part of the city, very chilled and cool but not pretentious. Think East London without too many of the hipsters.

Curry 36

This was the currywurst i was waiting for! A decent portion, a big fake meaty sausage and my new favourite cola. I had to wait a little longer because I think I was the first vegan sausage of the day (lol), but it was worth the wait. If you’re only going to head for one good currywurst, this place is the one to head to. 🌭

Brammibal’s Donuts

The only place that really matters. I don’t know what I expected from this place because I don’t recall an overwhelming number of people recommending or mentioning it. YOU ALL NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS PLACE!!! The donuts are so heavenly soft and doughy, they’re tasty and exciting and perfect with their coffee made with Oatly Barista. They give you free water and love dogs, it’s cosy, it’s pink, it’s perfect for your instagram aesthetic and THEY SELL DONUT SOCKS that I sadly didn’t buy. I also want their tote, any excuse to go back really. We went here not once, not twice but FOUR TIMES because the donuts were just that good. They have three branches (although this one was a pop up, please check to see if it’s still there if you go!). My teeth were aching after because I ate so many, but in a good way. I think I’m actually bringing back a box next time. Brammibal’s, I love you – please come to the UK 🍩β™₯️.

There were loads more places I wish I went to, and I’m sure I’ll be back in a few months as the city generally made me fall in love with it. I avoided the very touristy parts like Alexanderplatz unless passing through to go elsewhere. The travel and ticket system is really easy and decently priced. I was able to use card at some of these places but there does seem to be a preference for cash! There are lots of ATM’s dotted around but avoid the non bank ones as their fees are astronomical (I got caught out in Greece). It’s probably common knowledge but a tip is a tip. If you go to any of these places let me know. I’ll also make a list of where I want to go next time down here ⬇️

  • Yoyo’s Food World; this was recommended to be and I even went inside before deciding I wanted Vietnamese instead. The burger options looked insane, so much to choose from and the portions were big and calling to me. I’ll be heading straight back next time I’m in Berlin.
  • Chaostheorie was another junk food oriented restaurant, and I am definitely a vegan junk food expert. I’ve also heard their milkshakes are to die for 😍
  • Attila Hildmann; the happy cow reviews are a little hit and miss but again, someone did recommend this to me. Hildmann is a cookbook writer/chef for vegan recipes – I’m told his books helped make veganism popular in Germany, so I’m expecting big things.
  • Goura Pakora; can you ever go wrong with South Indian food? Definitely not if it’s based around a vegan menu.

Until next time,

Demi – Colleen x

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